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Fight Mental Health Club

‘Through the key activity of reflective conversation, you can challenge young people’s embedded learnt behaviours, set values & beliefs: To help them to learn to unlearn allowing them to become autonomous adults’.
Informal & Community Educator

Welcome to the Fight Mental Health Club.

The Fight Mental Health Club has grown from scribbling’s of ‘that worked’ moments in mentoring, to worksheets, a book & now online virtual mentoring resource website & YouTube channel…where next?

The Fight Mental Health Club book contains a ‘Skeleton Pack’ of Work and Information Sheets for the Informal Educator, Mentor, Teacher, Parent and/or the young person themselves. This allows the reader to hand-pick pages from various sections in order to manipulate the support and dialogue they provide, dependent on the flow of conversation and the level of engagement.

“Like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book but on Mental Health”.

For example, a starting topic could be a toxic relationship, which could then move towards anger management, self-esteem etc. This book is also categorised by key topic, in order to allow you to easily deliver a focused planned programme of support. An example would be offering an Attendance Course to those with school attendance concerns.

There is no right or wrong way to use this book, one person may need to use numerous and varied worksheets, others may feel they no longer need to offer support after only a few. The key focus is to create an environment for reflective conversation and to open the possibilities of empowerment and personal change.

“The book is amazing and I am using it for THRIVE planning & key worker topics for this term for the student’s at ‘Ontrack’ a 1-to-1 SEN & Behaviour School”.

About the Author

As an Informal Educator I work with individuals & groups in order to promote their personal learning; not always within a classroom environment but also in places where the young person is comfortable and open to engage. Using informal methods of teaching and learning, such as shared activities and conversation.

As a qualified Informal Educator I’ve worked for the Children & Youth Service in various centres, based both in and outside of schools, as well as outreach work ‘on the streets’ for over fifteen years.

Following on from this, I have worked alongside formal education within secondary schools for over twenty years as a Youth Worker, Mentor, Inclusion & Pastoral Manager and now as a Progress Manager. Throughout this time, I’ve adapted my social pedagogy (animate, care, educate) and have developed this book to be ‘the opener’, to aid conversation with young people around difficult personal issues. Prior to this publication I have developed and produced worksheet led certified OCN qualifications at Level 1 and Level 2.

Any questions feel free to contact me: contact@fightmentalhealthclub.co.uk

More Reviews

“Cannot recommend this book enough. Is your child currently on a waiting list to receive support with their school or an organisation? If so this book will support to get you & your child through this unprecedented time, check out what this amazing book has to offer” – @covpass

Virtual Mentor

Free talk-through video resources to work alongside the book or individually downloaded worksheets, to facilitate inclusive learning wherever possible. Additional courses/worksheets if a FMHC subscriber.

Talk-through Videos

Talk-through Videos

Talk-through Videos

Talk-through Videos

Online Worksheets

Online Worksheets

Online Worksheets

Online Worksheets

Talk-through Videos

Online Worksheets

Online Worksheets

Member’s Area

You can also join the Member’s Area which offers the benefits of full access to all things – Mental Health Club.

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“The Member’s Area will give you access to additional work & guide sheets not featured in the book (as & when they are completed). Making the Fight Mental Health Club truly, a continually growing & updated resource base for young people and those working with”.

All worksheets are in PDF format. With the ability to type directly into them as an online document. This allows the mentor to work virtually with a young person. Bringing greater access & engagement especially during these times.

“Additional learning resources are also being added beyond mental health for secondary school young people. (E.g. KS4 English Literature PDF worksheets). These will also be in the same visual learning format, to provide a smooth transition between formal & informal learning. These have been a proven effective resource when working with disaffected  students”

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