Online Worksheets.

The Self-Esteem & Confidence Building Course broken down into bite-size mentoring sessions.


Self Esteem – Introduction to the Course.

The Course Ground Rules.

Sessions & Self-Targets.

Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire.

School day, Subjects & Anxiety (Additional Worksheet)

My Action Figure.

My Action Figure Advert.

The Swap Shop.

Where do I want to be when i’m 35.

Achieve your ideal lifestyle.

Personal Goals.

My Hero – Role Models.

My Two Faced Mask.

Two Faced.

Factors That Shape You.

My Lift Me Up Balloon.

Highs Lows & You.

The Values Auction.

The You Report Card.

My Motto’s – Pieces of Advice to Live By.

Anxiety & My Fears.

Personal Review – Look at Me & Profile.

Course Certificate.